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(Credit: MF Tomlinson)


MF Tomlinson shares new single ‘A Long Day’


With just two weeks until the release of his debut album Strange Time, MF Tomlinson has decided to gift us a preview of what’s to come by putting out a new song, ‘A Long Day’.

Speaking of the new song, Tomlinson says, “I feel like it takes me on a journey from the beginning of a normal day to the end of the day. It doesn’t really have a chorus – it kind of flows in quite a cyclical way, so by the time I hit the last notes I feel like it’s transported me personally through all the experiences that directly inspired the song.

“It essentially deals with the big and the small things that exist in our everyday mundane experiences – no matter how significant or insignificant they might appear at the time – how it all feeds into our concept of memory and the idea of ‘living in the moment’.”

That calming sense of flow is personified in the song’s gentle flute accompaniment and delicate acoustic guitar plucking. Tomlinson’s ear for arrangement becomes the focal point of the track as trumpets, mandolins, and drums add to the psychedelic tapestry of sounds that crescendo and decrescendo as the song ebbs and flows.

The cyclical themes of the lyrics focus on the lack of any true end to anything in life. The end of one event is simply the start of another: “At the end of a long day/begins another day.” At the end of a long list/begins another list.” It’s only when the song comes to its own end that Tomlinson decides get some sort of closure: “At the end of a long night/I hope everything’s gonna be alright.”

The ‘A Long Day’ single also features the previously released track ‘Them Apples’ and the new album’s title track. Strange Time is set for an April 9th release. Check out the tracklisting below.

Strange Time tracklisting:

1. ‘Strange Time’
2. ‘Spring’
3. ‘A Long Day’
4. ‘Them Apples’
5. ‘Baby’s Been Gone’
6. ‘Thursday, 8pm’