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METZ hit us hard with ‘Cellophane’


The noise makers from Toronto, METZ, are showing no signs of giving up the racket as they announce their third album with Sub-Pop titled Strange Peace with new track ‘Cellophane’.

The album follows 2015’s II and comes out blasting with its newest track ‘Cellophane’, a classic METZ track filled to the brim with dirty riffs and a fury unbridled. Recorded live to tape with Steve Albini before finishing touches were added back in Toronto. This all surmounts to a grittier, rawer sound – heard on the warped 70’s punk sound of ‘Cellophane’.

“Recording in Chicago was a blast,” vocalist/guitarist Alex Edkins says. “We tracked 14 songs in four days. It was the first time we felt confident enough to just play live and roll tape. Strange Peace is much more diverse and varied than anything we’ve done before, which was exhilarating, but terrifying, too. We took the tapes home to Toronto feeling like we’d made the record we wanted to make.”

“The songs on Strange Peace are about uncertainty, they’re about recognising that we’re not always in control of our own fate, and about admitting our mistakes and fears. They’re about finding some semblance of peace within the chaos.”

Strange Peace is released 22 September via Sub Pop.