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Metronomy shares new video for 'Right on Time'


English electro-indie group Metronomy are at it again, sharing the new video for the song ‘Right on Time’. The track is featured on their seventh studio album, Small World, which was released earlier this week.

Best known for catchy tunes like ‘The Look’ and ‘The Bay’, this lo-fi infused outfit is no stranger to interesting videos that keep listeners on their toes. As they make yet another return in their decades-long run, Metronomy’s latest video brings a springy pep that works both for the season and the song.

The clip, which features a range of cartoonish pastel hues in a fun skydiving montage, was directed by Juliet Casella and Thibaut Caesar. The pair were also behind the group’s video for the previous single, ‘Things will be fine’.

About the skydiving sequence, Juliet Casella says: “I have always wanted to make a skydiving music video, so I shared the idea with Thibaut and he immediately thought this was a great idea.”

The group’s Joseph Mount added: “Skydiving is by far the most exhilarating and fun thing we have ever done. Yes, we make it look easy! But, filming this video was not without its challenges.”

The video doesn’t stop at skydiving, though. In fact, there’s an entire picnic sequence and a classic performance shot towards the end, all of which utilize a curated and stylised set, which can be a rarity to see nowadays. Although it could be the springtime flair, this light-hearted video seems to lean into the twee revival that’s beginning to see some popularity.

The proof is in the details — from the puffy cotton clouds to the heart-shaped guitar, this whole video encapsulates the optimistic, cutesy tone of the song perfectly. Director Thibaut Caesar added: “‘Right on Time’ is a summer/spring infused song, so we wanted to convey this sunny and free energy.” It seems that they’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Metronomy’s new album Small World just came out this week. It is currently in a five-way split battle for the number one slot for this week’s Official Album Chart.