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Metronomy hint at a new album release


Metronomy, who are celebrating the two-year anniversary of their album Metronomy Forever, have hinted that they might be about to drop some new material. In a Twitter post, Joe Mount, the band’s frontman, wrote: “Metronomy forever was released two years ago today?!?! That’s bonkers.”

Adding: “I’m aware it’s mildly insulting to relate what’s gone on since to the release of an (albeit) incredible album, but that’s how we measure life isn’t it; with small, human-scale things…against the backdrop of massive world-changing things. Metronomy Forever is 2! Happy birthday.”

Mount then hinted towards a new Metronomy release by writing: “Finally, If you look through the Metronomy discography you’ll see that there’s normally a Metronomy album every two to three years.”

The rumours come after Metronomy released the 10th-anniversary version of their 2011 album The English Riviera. To celebrate the anniversary, Metronomy reissued the beloved album via Because Music. It features six previously unreleased songs: ‘Aquarius’, ‘Picking Up For You’, ‘French Organ’, ‘Friends’, ‘The Ballad Of The 17 Year Old’, and ‘Jazz Odyssey’.

Discussing the 10th-anniversary reissue of The English Riviera and how he wrote the ‘The Look‘, Joe Mount said: “I was tinkering around with one of Marion’s keyboards and after a short while came up with the bit that gets stuck in your head; the der-de-der-der bit.

Adding: “I played around with it a little, hit a wall and thought ‘it’s not really Metronomy, is it.” But the track went on to become one of the band’s biggest hits. You can listen below.

Metronomy are set to embark on their UK Metronomy Forever tour in 2022, celebrating a decade of the album. The tour will culminate in a huge show at London’s Alexandra Palace venue.