Metronomy go ‘Old Skool’


The Joe Mount fronted project Metronomy is back with a new single and a forthcoming album and we think they might be getting all nostalgic on us. The new song is titled ‘Old Skool’ and is taken from the forthcoming LP out on July 1st titled Summer 08.

Fitting as the new song takes the classic bullet points of what made Metronomy such a hit in the aforementioned MDMA-drenched days when Nights Out hit our battered eardrums and turned us in to a gurning, dancing mass. A bouncing electro beat, a high vocal with distinct 80’s pop sounds and most importantly a groove that is undeniable.

The song is full of fun and speaks of Mount’s return to his English Riviera days. Even managing to include Beastie Boy Mix Master Mike on the latest venture.

If summer ’08 was the summer of love, perhaps summer 16 could be the re-kindling of the romance?