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Metric’s Emily Haines shares the enigmatic ‘Planets’


The lead singer of Metric, Emily Haines, has released another track to follow her previous solo album, 2006’s Knives Don’t Have Your Back. The track comes complete with a spellbinding new video directed by Justin Broadbent. ‘Planets’ is another hint at a majestic LP.

The track will partner ‘Fatal Gift’ on the album which was released last month. Produced by Haines and her spiritual advisor/musical partner Jimmy Shaw, the album is set to deal with some incredibly emotive subjects including life, loss, love and being a woman in this challenging world.

The tracks are encapsulating and enveloping in their sonic landscape, offering a lucidity which feels inescapable in its spirituality. Choir of the Mind the new album, looks set to be a similarly non-secular affair and it’s out 15th September.