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Credit: Ralph Averson


From Black Sabbath to Queen: Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo's favourite songs of all time

We are digging into the Far Out Vault to bring the favourite songs of one of the most important yet heavily understated musicians of all time, Robert Trujillo. The bassist joined Metallica in 2003 and before that had enjoyed a marvellous career as the rhythm section for some incredible acts and sessions. Trujillo does his best to fit as many as he can into the playlist of his favourite songs.

Metallica are an undoubted behemoth of rock. The band have the undeniable aura of heavy metal pioneers and have never been afraid to throw their weight behind that moniker. Walking around the globe as aforementioned rock giants mean we find it hard picturing them doing anything one might call normal. So when we stumbled upon this 2016 playlist the band and Trujillo had created for Spotify, the thought of the group sitting down to jot down their favourite songs really made us smile.

Like anyone else, the band proved that they had their faovurite bands, favourite songs and guilty pleasures. All except Robert Trujillo who, one might argue, would be able to hold his head high in any metal bar in the world with his selections, largely because they are all based in the ferocious riffs, poundng rhtyhm and scary skills that metal fans love.

In fact, if there is one man in the Metallica outfit that you would say has committed himself to the scene then it has to be Trujillo. The bassist has been involved with a whole host of thrashy bands and can count working with Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Black Label Society, Jerry Cantrell and Ozzy Osbourne as some of his finer moments in music. While not all of the bands he’s worked with can be labelled as metal, the work he has done has always been underpinned by keen musicianship and a penchant for the morose.

It’s a range of music which is accurately represented in the selections of his favourite songs. Selecting his former funk-thrash band Suicidal Tendencies, the bassist picks ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’, while also picking Ozzy Osbourne’s song ‘S.A.T.O’ with whom Trujillo helped to re-record some of his classic ’80s albums.

The bassist also pays homage to one of the most valued bassists of all time when he selects Rush’s song ‘YYZ’ fronted by the quick-handed bassist Geddy Lee. There’s also a spot for another guy who must’ve been an inspiration to Trujillo, Lemmy Kilmister’s Motorhead, picking their track ‘Orgasmatron.’ Further down the list, Trujillo makes room for metal staples like Slayer, Black Sabbath, Megadeath and Machine Head.

All in all, it’s a rhythm-heavy jaunt down the highway to hell and one we’re more than happy to accompany Trujillo on. Find below Metallica’s Robert Trujillo’s favourite songs

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s favourite songs:

  • ‘S.A.T.O’ – Ozzy Osbourne
  • ‘Hand of Doom’ – Black Sabbath
  • ‘Locust’ – Machine Head
  • ‘New Millennium Cyanide Christ’ – Meshuggah
  • ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ – Queen
  • ‘Chaos B.C. – Sepultura
  • ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’ – Megadeth
  • ‘Raining Blood’ – Slayer
  • ‘Healer’ – Torche
  • ‘Eighties’ – Killing Joke
  • ‘Redneck’ – Lamb of God
  • ‘YYZ’ – Rush
  • ‘Orgasmatron’ – Motorhead
  • ‘March to the Sea’ – Baroness
  • ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’ – Suicidal Tendencies
  • ‘Woodpecker from Mars’ – Faith No More
  • ‘My Names is Mud’ – Primus
  • ‘Sunshine’ – Alice in Chains
  • ‘Fire’ – Ohio Players