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Credit: Kreepin Death


Metallica serve up limited Rye the Lightning whisky


Metallica have created a brand-new whiskey via their Blackened American Whiskey line which uses puns and innovative technology to bring fans the latest serving of Rye the Lightning.

The whiskey was brewed using sonic vibration technology that allowed the band to shake up the barrel with the only full live performance of their famed 1984 album Ride the Lightning on record. 

This interesting process aims to lure fans with a truly rock ‘n’ roll beverage and a taste of “dried fig, hay, pinewood, pear, and rum cake on the nose, and on the palate, clover honey, mint, corn husk, sugar cane, walnut, and cinnamon.”

Thus, it’s the perfect drink if you love your drum solos just as much as you devour your hay. And at 90 proof, the Kentucky straight rye will be as potent as a Lars Ulrich high hat salvo too. 

 The sonic brewing technology apparently aims to rock the barrels resulting in “a greater interaction between the whiskey and the wood, forcing the liquid further into the barrel and extracting more flavour and colour.”

You can find out more about Blackened American Whiskey and this latest offering by clicking here and checking out their website.

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