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Watch Metallica joke about selling a song to Red Hot Chili Peppers

Metallica are such titans of rock and roll that it can feel quite intimidating to approach them, even as just a subject. They’re one of the most storied bands in rock music, and their extensive and distinguished back catalogue is one of the most influential in existence.

Outside of the music, perhaps the most notable facet of Metallica is just how down to earth they are. They may be gods of metal, who might be initially unnerving due to their status, but if you scratch just a little beneath the surface, it is clear that they’re one of the most approachable outfits out there. 

The band enjoys a great relationship with their fans and has gifted them many thrilling moments over the years, ranging from performing in Antarctica to offering endless content, such as their recent MasterClass. It is these snippets of their off-stage life that has endeared Metallica to their fans and created a bond like no other. You could spend an entire day trawling through the band’s archives on YouTube or the broader internet and find many golden nuggets of information that open the door on what it is really like to be in one of the biggest bands of all time, and one of the definitive thrash metal pioneers. 

One thing is clear when it comes to Metallica, being in the band is a real good time. The majority of the footage from their rehearsals displays the quartet having fun, rocking out to their songs, and sometimes forgetting their part — understandable, of course, as they have mountains of songs and not all of it, even for a band of their stature, is that memorable.

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James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo are musical brothers in arms, and crucially, they’re on the same wavelength, and this has allowed them to stay relevant for so many years, even as their style of metal may not pack the punch that it once had. This sense of equilibrium is the glue that holds them together and makes sure that they’re always singing from the same songsheet. It’s a lesson that many emerging bands could do with hearing. 

The understanding between each member is so clear that they can jump into a jam during rehearsals at any given moment and create something that sounds good. During a soundcheck in Brisbane, Australia, in 2013, as the band were about to deliver a stellar set to thousands of adoring fans later that evening, the group had one of their impromptu jams, and it was pretty funky, to say the least. 

Sounding like any of the West Coast alt-metal acts of the late ’80s, such as Jane’s Addiction and Faith No More, Hetfield stops and quips: “We should sell that to the Chili Peppers”, a line that Hammett is clearly tickled by. It’s a hilarious moment and one that shows just how unfailingly fun it is to be in Metallica. Watch the snippet below.

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