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(Credit: Ralph Arvesen)


From Oasis to Nirvana: Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's favourite songs of all time


When you’re considering the greatest rock bands of all time, it’s hard to ignore the imposing image of Metallica. The band are comprised of James Hetfield, Robert Trujillo, Kirk Hammet and their unstoppable drummer Lars Ulrich and dominated the heavy metal explosion of the eighties. The drummer has become one of the most influential men in rock as his penchant for powerhouse percussion sees him at the top of the bill.

We’re sure that countless drummers have had Ulrich’s crashing style in their mind’s eye when they were dreaming of their own rock stardom. His story is one of inspirational moments, a life where he dedicated himself to his craft and persevered, despite never being regarded as one of the best. But what are the songs that truly matter to him? Known for his varied tastes, Ulrich once picked a host of his favourite songs.

Ulrich may well be one of the finest heavy metal drummers of all time, but he doesn’t limit his musical choices to one genre. A playlist collated for Spotify sees Ulrich provide a list of his favourite songs, and it sees some of rock and roll’s biggest stars get a nod. And The Osmonds too, though it has to be said, the song is the greatest Osmonds song of all time.

Lars Ulrich has got some impeccable taste in rock, find the list of his favourite albums for proof right here, and in this playlist, the drummer shows yet again that he loves rock more than anything else in the world. But it would also seem that he has a penchant for British bands and included many in his list of favourites.

As well as selecting Oasis’ classic ‘Supersonic’, which is about as peak Gallagher brothers as you can get, he also picks one of Noel Gallagher’s solo songs, ‘If I Had A Gun…’. The Manchester band aren’t the only British rock royalty; Ulrich also gives the nod to Matt Helders and Arctic Monkeys, with their song ‘R U Mine?’— a defining anthem of the Sheffield band’s back catalogue.

Ulrich also gives shouts to heavy metal forefathers Deep Purple, Phil Lynott’s band Thin Lizzy, and Stereo MCs. The drummer does pick out some heavy rock acts like Rage Against The Machine, grunge heroes Nirvana and their song ‘Breed’ and punk troubadours, Suicidal Tendencies, but it is a wildly eclectic playlist that speaks highly of the man who made it.

After picking out Rodriguez’ beautiful song ‘Sugarman’, Ulrich completes the set of varying genres as he also selects the mother of all head-fuck songs, The Osmonds’ ‘Crazy Horses’. It reflects a musician who is always looking to expand his knowledge and increase his love of music.

If you listen to the below playlist you’ll get a great sense of the man who made it.

Lars Ulrich’s favourite songs:

  • ‘Tap into the Power’ – Suicidal Tendencies
  • ‘Exodus’ – Bob Marley
  • ‘Green Machine’ – Kyuss
  • ‘If I Had a Gun…’ – Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds
  • ‘R U Mine?’ – Arctic Monkeys
  • ‘Tattoo Vampire’ – Blue Oyster Cult
  • ‘Love’ – The Cult
  • ‘Die by the Drop’ – The Dead Weather
  • ‘Speed King’ – Deep Purple
  • ‘Audit in Progress’ – Hot Snakes
  • ‘Streets of Gold’ – Diamond Head
  • ‘Wang Dang Doodle’ – Koko Taylor
  • ‘Cry for the Bad Man’ – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • ‘Torch Song’ – Marillion
  • ‘Breed’ – Nirvana
  • ‘Supersonic’ – Oasis
  • ‘Crazy Horses’ – The Osmonds
  • ‘Calm Like a Bomb’ – Rage Against The Machine
  • ‘Sugar Man’ – Rodriguez
  • ‘Fade Away’ – Stereo MCs
  • ‘Blockbuster’ – Sweet
  • ‘The Hidden Masters’ – The Sword
  • ‘Radio/Video’ – System of a Down
  • ‘Bad Reputation’ – Thin Lizzy
  • ‘Charlie’s Out of Prison’ – Warrior Soul
  • ‘King of the Road’ – Fu Manchu