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(Credit: Prince Midnight Instagram)


A metal fan has turned his dead uncle’s skeleton into a functioning guitar


A feverishly committed metal music fan has taken his love for the genre to whole new levels by turning his dead uncle’s skeleton into a functioning guitar.

Florida metal fan, named ‘Prince Midnight’, managed to get ahold of his uncle Filip’s remains and went to work. Prince’s uncle passed away during a car crash in his native Greece and, after the bones were initially donated to a local college, they have now found their way to the United States and plugged into an amp.

“So, I got the box of bones from Greece and didn’t know what to do at first. Bury them? Cremate them? Put them in the attic? All seemed like poor ways to memorialize someone who got me into heavy metal,” Prince explained in an interview with Metal Sucks.

“So, I decided to turn Uncle Filip into a guitar, which proved to be challenging,” he added. “I did a lot of research and no one has ever made a guitar out of a skeleton. So, I did it. I started out consulting with two guys in Dean Guitars’ wood shop in Tampa but they got cold feet.

“Anyways, now Uncle Filip can shred for all eternity. That’s how he would want it. I’m super proud of the project and how it serves to honour him, his life and his influence on me.”

Below, you can see the process of the guitar building along with a video of Prince playing the ‘instrument’.