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Mens Adventures - B.B. Vulture


Those busking bandits from the East are back again, Men’s Adventures have come out with their first EP Solitary Trip, released on Dirty Bingo Records. The lead single BB Vulture from the record is a melodic, rebel rousing story of love and our track of the day.

Leading in to this song you would be forgiven for thinking that the normally raucous cowboys from Hackney had gone soft, but as the beautiful violins cease and Alfie’s introduction ends with a “take it away boys” we are left in no doubt about these gun slingers. Rhythmic guitars intertwine with fading leads and the pace gathers through the verse to the chorus which is a bottle slamming feel good sing-a-long.

Orchestrated by Alfie (vocals) and Jimmy (guitar) this track is gentle and emotive at points whilst being a whiskey spitting, foot stomper the whole way through. Steady as a wagon wheel and sharp as tomahawk this track shows everything that is great about this band.


They have been described as a ‘spaghetti western’ band, which seems unfair to me. It’s true that their is a common theme within the EP, but it’s more modern than that; it fades and rises at the right time, keeping stylised yet cool and understated. There are elements of Americana and country western sound but the lyrics are socially wry and the tone of the band is effortless enough to remain on the pulse of the music scene.

While so many bands are regurgitating the 90’s band we all tried so hard to forget about, Men’s Adventures are coming to the scene with an assured sound and a quick wit that will be sure to see this band take the wild west and beyond.

By Jack Whatley