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Menace Beach - Super Transporterreum

Ahead of the release of a brand new EP set to land in September via Memphis Industries, our favourite Leed’s fuzz rockers Menace Beach have shared the title track ‘Super Transporterreum’ to get you all right in the mood for it.

With its title taken from a flu-fever hallucination band member Liza experienced while on ‘Super Transporterreum’ according to the band contains ‘three bass guitars simultaneously doing a Bryan May riff.’

Unlike anything that preceded it on their super-gritty debut album Ratworld, Menace Beach have shined up their sound. While still very true to the unique sound we’ve come to love from this grungy crew, ‘Super Transporterreum’ is a distillation of what Menace Beach have previously called their “own grubby little Ratworld”, now with added technicolour.

Menace Beach – Super Transporterreum by Memphis Industries

Will De Nardo

Check it out below: