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Melody’s Echo Chamber returns after “traumatic” serious accident with new song 'Desert Horse'


Melody Prochet, the French singer-songwriter releasing music under the moniker Melody’s Echo Chamber, has released new single ‘Desert Horse’ having recovered from a “traumatic” serious accident.

In June earlier this year, Far Out Magazine reported the news that Prochet had been forced to cancel her show due to suffering a ‘serious injury’, that injury turned out to be potentially life threatening.

Following a lengthy period of recovery, Melody’s Echo Chamber announced the news that her second album will now be released on June 15. Addressing the serious accident for the first time, Prochet explained how she still feels unable to discuss the specific details of the accident, but told Pitchfork: “Today I feel blessed, as I’m healed. It’s been traumatic but it has beautifully put some perspective into my eyes and broke a life pattern that didn’t work for me. I’m lucky it revealed more light.”

Given the stresses of what has happened, Prochet also explained that she has not felt ready to write any new music since her accident: “I needed a break from that sort of passion pattern and obsessing over music,” she said. “Open up to other horizons! Traveling the world and doing serious hikes is a new dream of mine. There is always music inside of me. Maybe I’ll let it [stay] in there for a while.”

Now though, in wonderfully positive news, Prochet confirmed her second album Bon Voyage will be released on June 15th. Made up of seven expansive tracks, Prochet has shared the first number: