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Mellah shares the video for ‘Round’


We brought you the Peckham artist/producer Mellah’s track ‘Round’ recently. We said it had a certain something which we found spellbinding, intangible, and unique. Basically everyone agreed and now he has released a video to go alongside the track.

Mellah, AKA Liam Ramsden, says: “The video is in part a literal interpretation of an encounter I had with an ex-mod soldier in a pub in Warrington, which later became my motivation for the song. He was a pretty unhinged guy who had decided that what I needed was a stint in the British army to set me straight. He spent the evening making sure I knew about his hunch. It is also in part influenced by a book called ‘owning your own shadow’ by Robert Johnson (not the one who sold his soul to the devil). The White lady embodies the darker side of the soldier’s self, the part of himself that he cannot face and so torments him.”

With debut EP Liminality on the way on May 12th via Lucky Numbers, we are predicting big things. Very, very big things.