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Mellah shares the brilliant ‘Round’


Peckham and South London may be the place to find yourself some guttural guitar of late with the likes of Goat Girl, Shame and HMLTD to name a few, but one artist making his mark outside of this is Mellah. His track ‘Round’ comes with release news of his debut EP Liminality

Liam Ramsden, who is Mellah, has that thing. You know, that thing that Simon Cowell tries to tell us Olly Murs has. Mellah has it in bucket loads and it is seen purely and positively on his new track ‘Round’. The track is a simply constructed but harshly realised piece of music centring on Ramsden’s vocal which displays a sunny grittiness. The song has enough light to forget the deep shade at its heart and turn it into a foot-stomping crowd pleaser.

“The song is an attack on the entrenchment of war in the everyday,” Ramsden says. “Considering how a person can be broken down and rebuilt to fervently believe murder is not murder if it’s institutionalised.” This is in reference to the song’s origin being centred around the meeting of a former British Army Soldier.

With the EP Liminality out soon we have high hopes for this former chippy.