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Mellah shares brand new track 'Cigarette Lighter'


With a new EP titled ‘Middle England’ on the way for next month (June 1st via Columbia), south London poet-pop maestro Mellah has shared a brand new track and it’s a frank look in the mirror.

We could paraphrase the man’s own definition of new single ‘Cigarette Lighter’ but we will just leave you with the words of Liam Ramsden AKA Mellah to save us looking like twats.

“It’s about the growing divide between the left and the right, the self righteousness both sides feel about the validity of their opinion and the way that social media is accentuating this,” Liam Ramsden says of the new track.

“Most of my friends are pretty liberal, I found going on facebook that some of the things they would post seemed as aggressive and full of violence as some of the right wing hate rhetoric.”

“I also noticed that my feed was entirely taken up by opinions that enforced my own, there was no one expressing different conclusions and if they were they were immediately being swamped by the tidal wave of my liberal friends. It seemed that there was no room for conversation. I’m not trying to take sides in the song, I’m simply trying to reflect on the situation. People so fervently believe their opinion is right and anyone who disagrees is wrong, the realities, I think, are much more complex.”

Take a listen below and enjoy some of the most honest work you’re likely to hear anytime soon.