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Meatraffle share new song ‘Love Hz’ as the B-side to ‘Brother’


Meatraffle have shared details of their new song ‘Love Hz’, the b-side to their new single ‘Brother’, which is to be released on limited 7” vinyl and digitally on July 14th, via Moshi Moshi Singles Club.

Currently in the process of recording their third album, after their 2015 debut Hi-Fi Classics (having opted out of recording a second record to avoid the dreaded ‘difficult second album’ syndrome), ‘Brother’ and its B-side ‘Love Hz’ are a continuation of the engrossing, yet unpredictable and hard-to-pin-down intelligence of the South London band’s output.

Speaking on new song ‘Love Hz’, Meatraffle’s Zsa Zsa Sapien, said: “For many of the population of planet Earth, love is a very painful process. It’s like a very unstable compound that needs to be submerged permanently in oil like a pyrophoric. I like this idea of love as physics, hence Love Hertz (Hz); the unit of frequency.

“I put some loveheart sweets on a Loudspeaker unit once and played some Prince Far I and watched these things jumping around in the cone. It helps you understand it a bit more. So in the song it gets a bit medical too, I love medical: ‘If I could be your Emphysema (a progressive lung disease), you could be my lungs’ is one of the lyrics.

“In spite of love being problematic, it can also be terribly romantic and can aid you in your moribund state before you die. Love hurts, life hurts and then it’s time to say bye bye.”