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Meatraffle share new single ‘Brother’


Meatraffle have shared details of their new single ‘Brother’, to be released on limited 7” vinyl and digitally on July 14th, via Moshi Moshi Singles Club.

Currently in the process of recording their third album, after their 2015 debut Hi-Fi Classics – having opted out of recording a second record to avoid the dreaded ‘difficult second album’ syndrome – ‘Brother’ is a continuation of the engrossing, yet unpredictable and hard-to-pin-down intelligence of the South London band’s output.

“Brother is about the platonic love you have with your friends (sex is forbidden). It’s about sharing and having things in common,” the band said. “The ups and downs, of course – about who buys more rounds of drinks than the others. It’s a dry orgy, that’s all it is.”

The origins of the band are lost in obscurity and legend, with some believing they are the result of a drunken afternoon shared by Warmduscher’s Mutado Pintado and Zsa Zsa Sapien in a Wetherspoon pub, with their original concept being to actually host a Meat Raffle; evidence found in the fact that pigs’ heads and raffle tickets are visible in early photos of the band.

Raffle or not, the band kept the moniker, and their musical offerings since that fateful meeting have spawned a loyal fan base following – birthed from their raucous early residencies at Brixton’s The Windmill and The Queen’s Head.

Who are they? What are they doing? How are they doing it? It’s impossible to really know.