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(Credit: Hollie Fernando / Press)


Meadow Meadow share new single 'DNO'

Meadow Meadow - 'DNO'

English indie duo Meadow Meadow have returned with a new single, ‘DNO’, to preview their upcoming EP Silhouettes.

You know a group are good when they look like absolute cornballs in all their promotional material. The Chemical Brothers have tried, in vain, to look cool for about 30 years and have now simply just thrown in the towel. Same with The Postal Service, and Boards of Canada, and Modeskeletor. The Proclaimers knew they were never cool, and Daft Punk found a clever way around it. There’s just simply no way to be a high quality music duo and not look like Steely Dan.

Meadow Meadow, the moniker used for the partnership of Peter Darlington and James Green, are about as goofy as they come, but if all those previously listed artists should be any indication, they’re churning out some great difficult to classify music. Formerly of the band Spring King, Darlington and Green are looking to strike out on their own with a potent mix of anything that inspires them, whether its vintage vinyl or modern technology.

‘DNO’, for example, is what Elliot Smith would have sounded like if he had signed to Warp Records. Delicate vocal lines, beautifully melodic lines, bizarre string samples, skittish and loopy lo-fi beats, and plenty of effects to spice up the proceedings. It all makes for a calming, pleasant listening experience. Slightly jazzy, slightly hazy, slightly experimental, slightly poppy, ‘DNO’ has a little bit of something for everyone.

Stuffing as many musical ideas into a single song can sometimes be a disaster, but other times it can be a fascinating rabbit hole to fall down and discover what makes an artist unique in their style. ‘DNO’ can be picked apart for hours trying to pinpoint what kinds of songs these guys listen to for inspiration. I’d say that’s a pretty great way to connect with a new artist.

Check out the audio for ‘DNO’ down below. Silhouettes is set for a September 17 release.

Silhouettes tracklisting.

  1. Silhouettes
  2. Acceptance
  3. Boundless
  4. DNO
  5. Let Him Go
  6. One Blade of Grass