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(Credit: Mdou Moctar)


Mdou Moctar announces the deluxe version of 'Afrique Victime' and releases new song 'Nakanegh Dich'

Mdou Moctar - 'Nakanegh Dich'

Mdou Moctar has announced the digital deluxe version of last year’s critically acclaimed Afrique Victime. To accompany the news, Moctar has also released the new single ‘Nakanegh Dich’.

A rumbling piece of psychedelia, this is Tuareg guitar music at its finest. Combining an earworm of a chorus with a funky groove, it’s no coincidence that Mdou Moctar is so revered. His fuzzy, effects-laden soloing throughout the song is also incredible, and he ramps it towards the end of the song. 

Afrique Victime was originally released back in May 2021, but yesterday, February 22nd, Mdou Moctor dropped ‘Nakanegh Dich’, which was an outtake from the recording sessions in LA with Rob Schnapf. Discussing the work, bassist and producer Mikey Coltun said: “This is Mdou’s very first time using a wah pedal. At some point, Mdou called Rob into the studio and asked him to control the wah with his foot while Mdou shredded a solo”.

‘Nakanegh Dich’ is one of nine previously unheard songs that are on the deluxe edition of Afrique Victime. Coltun added: “These are a mix of demos from Niger and some live tracks from touring around the world, when we were still working out the songs together as a band. These are fun and different early versions of the songs”.

Far Out ranked Afrique Victime as their 27th best album of 2021. At the time, we said: “As the premier band of the Desert Blues movement, Mdou Moctar are not only one of the best guitar bands around, but they are also one of the most important bands of the moment full stop. They are the pioneering frontier that captures the sound of an almost monolithic past colliding with the uncertain presentiment of climate change means that the music’s significance is not psychosomatic, nebulous or ascertained after the fact, but a glimpse into the hereafter.”

Adding: “The output is a bold invocation of a future that is likely to affect a billion people directly. Yet, it offers a glimmer of glistening hope from this glum situation. They are not a band who found international acclaim the easy way, but now that the world has heard their songs, the message is an inviolable triumph. Behind the scintillating arpeggio guitar work and bluesy rhythmic riffs, is a sense of depth that proves transcendent. Afrique Victime might be more produced than previous efforts but the added gloss erodes none of the rustic weight in the welter of this spiritual collection of trance-inducing melodic tracks.”

Listen to ‘Nakanegh Dich’ below.

Afrique Victime deluxe edition tracklist:

  1. ‘Chismiten’
  2. ‘Taliat’
  3. ‘Ya Habibti’
  4. ‘Tala Tannam’
  5. ‘Untitled’
  6. ‘Asdikte Akal’
  7. ‘Layla’
  8. ‘Afrique Victime’
  9. ‘Bismilahi Atagah’
  10. ‘Chismiten (Demo)’
  11. ‘Taliat (Live)’
  12. ‘Ya Habibti (Demo)’
  13. ‘Tala Tannam (Demo)’
  14. ‘Asdikte Akal (Live)’
  15. ‘Layla (Live)’
  16. ‘Afrique Victime (Live)’
  17. ‘Bismilahi Atagah (Demo)’
  18. ‘Nakanegh Dich (Demo)’