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Mazzy Star to reunite for first live show in five years

Mazzy Star have announced that they’ll be reuniting to perform their first live performance together in five years by performing Australia’s Vivid Sydney Festival.

The band, who officially split in 1997, formed in California’s Santa Monica in 1989 and went on to achieve mainstream success with Hope Sandoval on lead vocals. With hits like ‘Fade Into You’ and ‘Into Dust’, Mazzy Star’s 1993 album So Tonight That I Might See propelled the band into the forefront of alternative pop music.

In the immediate aftermath of Mazzy Star’s dissolution, band members went their separate ways to work on side projects before reforming to release their last album Seasons Of Your Day was released in 2013. Now, the band have been announced among the names to perform at Vivid Sydney in Australia. The performance will be their first public outing in five years.