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Mazes - Astigmatism

We all know Mazes don’t hang around, if they have songs they’ll get them out there even if they are snowed in and unable to get the studio. Coincidentally, that is exactly what happened when the trio had to do grab a shovel and dig themselves out during a recent trip to upstate New York for the creation of Wooden Aquarium, the band’s brand new album.

“The studio was completely isolated; an idyllic place to make a record. Green, remote, backwatery, fewer distractions… but things made a turn for the worst the night we arrived,” remembers singer and guitarist Jack Cooper. “Our van was broken into and gear stolen within an hour of being in New York. Then around three feet of snow fell over night. We had to shovel our way to the studio every morning. It was interesting being snowed in – you get busy and knuckle down.”

Completed in just two weeks between the sub-zero conditions of commuter town Cornwall, New York and the heart of Brooklyn, Wooden Aquarium marks the apex at which Mazes’ music to date meets. Recorded completely live and laid down entirely onto beautifully thick two-inch tape, the trio also had company in enlisting the skills of Parquet Courts’ producer Jonathan Schenke. “If it wasn’t for Jonny, things would’ve got a little bleak,” admits Cooper. “The dynamics of our band are very English, so can be quite tense and focused. I think that comes across in the music, but Jonny kept everything light and breezy.”

From the album Wooden Aquarium Enjoy Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘Astigmatism’.