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(Credit: Max Bloom)


Max Bloom shares title track to new LP 'Pedestrian'


Back in February, one of the coolest band’s around, Yuck, announced that they were calling it quits. After roughly a decade together and three impressive albums, the members decided to split right around the time their self-titled debut was celebrating its 10th anniversary. That sucked, but now, we get to hear what lead singer Max Bloom is doing with all his new free time.

Bloom has announced the release of his first solo album, Pedestrian, and gave us a sample of the record by naming the title track its first single. What starts off as a slow, dare I say Randy Newman-esque piano ballad, centres itself when Bloom’s signature drawl enters. But just in case this wasn’t indie enough for you, rest assured: there’s a trumpet solo. It’s an engulfing, weirdly comforting melancholy that Bloom taps into on ‘Pedestrian’, and it’s easy to get lost in its swirl of reverb and keyboards.

“I was contemplating a lot of things when I was trying to come up with the lyrical themes,” Bloom says. “I listened to this instrumental a lot when I was out running, and I remember seeing the word ‘Pedestrian’ on a road sign. It made me contemplate what a pedestrian is, and what the word represents. As pedestrians, we’re all trapped in our own individual worlds but when something cataclysmic happens, we’re all brought together. I think about death a lot, and I think about what humans are and whether we are the only intelligent life in the universe. So I guess this song explores both of those feelings at the same time.”

It’s been a good week for Bloom: along with the release of his new single, the London-based artist was also featured on the Group Therapy Vol. 2. It certainly looks like Bloom is keeping busy in his post-Yuck career.

Check out the video for ‘Pedestrian’ down below. The parent album will be released on June 18th.