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(Credit: Max Bloom)


Max Bloom releases new song 'Palindromes'

Max Bloom - 'Palindromes'

Former Yuck singer Max Bloom has released his latest solo single, the dreamy and elastic ‘Palindromes’.

The low key rocker is everything that Bloom excels at: surprisingly catchy guitar hooks that jump strings like a great Peter Buck line does, a soft and tenderly sung melody that highlights the delicacy of Bloom’s tenor, and a gently driving rock and roll backbeat to keep the song from falling into a placid mess.

With drums and percussion provided by Adam Gammage, who’s day job involves performing with singer/songwriter Tom Greenan, the rest of the track is all Bloom, from the instrumentation to the vocals to even the animation in the song’s accompanying video.

“‘Palindromes’ is a wistful, understated love song,” Bloom explains. “This song is about how I got together with my girlfriend Anna, who also plays bass in my live band (and co-wrote two songs on the album). We were best friends for years, then she broke up with her boyfriend and we got together quite suddenly. It was completely unplanned, but when it happened it felt like a lucid dream. I wanted to write something to commemorate it (Anna has also written a few songs about it too), and after the darkness and grief of Perfume, it felt cathartic for me to write this song.”

As far as understated love songs go, ‘Palindromes’ is about as easy to like as they come. With smoothed out edges and not even a hint of challenging word play to pair with its grammatical title, the song is simply a caught in the moment reflection of how the smallest, most asinine things in a new relationship can take on a heartfelt kind of resonance.

To celebrate the release of Pedestrian, Bloom will be playing a socially distanced show at the London venue Oslo on July 2nd. Tickets will obviously be limited in the name of safety protocols, so if you’re a fan I recommend scooping those up now.

Check out the video for ‘Palindromes’ down below. Pedestrian will be released on June 18.