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Matt Helders reminisces about buying his first drum kit and forming Arctic Monkeys

Matt Helders has been reflecting on the time in his life that led him to buy his first drum kit.

Explaining how he received a £1000 children’s bond left to him by his grandparents in 2002, detailed how buying his own set of drums was the only option at the time.

“It was that summer that I started playing drums. I’d never played until then”, the 32-year-old told Loud and Quiet.

“I had some money that my grandparents had given me when I was born – a thousand pound from a children’s bond – so I went to the Cayman Islands for four weeks, because my brother lived there, and then bought a drum kit when I got back, which was all my money gone. Turns out it was a good investment,” he added.

After returning from his holiday, Helders began practising more on his new drum kit. With limited space to store it, the drummer explained how leaving it in Alex Turner’s garage became the moment he joined the band: “It was the only choice because the others had already got their guitars”, he explained.

“If I wanted to be in the band it was drums only. So I used to keep them in Alex’s garage, and we practised there. It meant that I could only practice whenever we all practised. It was a slow start. I just didn’t want to be left out.”