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Matt Helders says playing early Arctic Monkeys songs feels like "karaoke"


Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders has revealed in a recent interview that playing early Arctic Monkeys songs feels like “doing karaoke”.

Speaking to comedian James Veitch, Helders discussed how during moments that the band re-visit songs from their earlier work it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Detailing further, Helders claimed that he would prefer it if fans instead could just keep a “memory” of an older performance in which the band had more passion for the material.

Helders told Veitch: “Some of it feels fine to still play, some of it feels like we’re doing karaoke of our own songs. It feels like a caricature. It doesn’t feel as genuine playing it anymore, I’d rather they just have the memory of a version where we really meant it, rather than we’ll do this for you.”

The drummer also revealed in the video, which was shot in London, that the whole band was in town from Los Angeles to see what music they’ve got and to decipher if they had anything which was worth recording. Helders said: “We’re gonna see what we’ve got, we are all gonna go together this time and see if there’s anything worth recording.”

He then touched upon their creative process, declaring: “Usually, Alex is the songwriter primarily but we make a lot of the decisions together. So he might come and he’s already got a bit of a song like the bare bones then we will put it together.”

Check out the video below.