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Matadors - Dig A Hole


Manchester band Matadors have a slightly different approach to most. Most bands from the region tend to take things one of two ways: they swagger and snarl like a Gallagher action man or they follow a more Madchester styling whereby the drape themselves in the liberation and nuance of club-land. Matadors have instead decided to splice funk, Mariachi (check out ‘Cold City Hotel’) and old-school guitar riffs in to a cacophony of noise formulated in our Unsigned Sunday pick ith their track ‘Dig a Hole’.

Breaking in to the track ‘Dig A Hole’ has the kind of riffing you’d expect from a Britpop inspired city, this feeling very quickly changes as the funk of the bass shakes the track to it’s very core and rebuilds a boogie palace on a sharp and polished guitar foundation. Only completed by the vocals which have the warmth and welcoming tone of great 70’s funk and rock, breathy and scratchy with all the harmonised frivolities.

This dabbling between genres is what really sets Matadors apart, they seem genuinely engaged with their sound and beyond that they seem to enjoy doing it. With 4 songs released in the last 2 months this is a band with the bit between their teeth and no matter what you say about that ‘bit’ i bet the teeth its set in are smiling like dosed rock and roll clowns.


Jack Whatley