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Massive Attack’s 3D and Nova Twins remix Gang Of Four’s ‘Where The Nightingale Sings’

3D x Gang of Four ft. Nova Twins - 'Where The Nightingale Sings'

Massive Attack’s 3D has teamed up with Nova Twins to deliver a remix of Gang Of Four track, ‘Where The Nightingale Sings’.

Gang Of Four’s leader Andy Gill tragically passed away early in 2020 aged 64, and the post-punk legend is to be immortalised with a poignant tribute album released this May. This 3D and Nova Twins’ effort will appear on the release titled, The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four. It’s a double album of tracks written by Andy Gill and Gang of Four, all newly reinterpreted by an array of artists including Warpaint, IDLES, Tom Morello, La Roux and Red Hot Chilli Peppers duo Flea & John Frusciante.

Each artist recorded their own contributions and reimagining’s of Gill’s work, with 3D and the Nova Twins firmly delivering when stepping up to the plate. They breathe fresh energy into the track whilst keeping that eeriness synonymous with the original. Nova Twins’ vocals also provide another level to the track and give ‘Where The Nightingale Sings’ a facelift.

This remix has been in the works before Gill’s death, and he was very much involved in the creative process along with 3D and Nova Twins back in 2015. “I first met Andy in a hotel bar in Glasgow and gushed drunkenly about the importance of the ‘Entertainment’ album for an hour,” 3D told Brooklyn Vegan about his memories of Gill.

“He’d secretly recorded the conversation and played it back though my hotel room door later that night while I was delirious. In fact, the Mezzanine album project was named ‘Damaged Goods’ until I fell out of the hotel lift and into the mini bar.

“Gang of Four were a foundation stone for us, even though we never successfully sampled or covered a single track of theirs. Years later, when we hosted them at Meltdown, I mentioned this fact to Andy after the show, and he said: ‘That’s because you’re crap’… Provocative but true. I got the Anthrax beetle tattooed on my back, ‘Love, leisure, work and war.'”

Nova Twins add: “It was such a pleasure working on this remix with Andy in his studio! He was a larger than life character, forever pushing musical boundaries. We love how he explored lyrical concepts, doing so in the most surprising and beautifully poetic ways!”

Massive Attack took embers of what the Gang of Four had done in their career and taken to that spirit to a new world, which shows just how culturally significant Andy Gill remains. This album looks to celebrate a true underground hero and the man who is your favourite musician’s favourite musician. Check out the visuals for the track, below.