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Massive Attack refuse to play Mad Cool Festival due to Franz Ferdinand 'sound clash'

Massive Attack took the controversial decision to cancel their planned performance at Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival due to a sound clash with Franz Ferdinand.

Franz Ferdinand, who took to the ‘Madrid Te Abraza’ stage at 1:30am, could be heard from ‘The Loop’ stage was Massive Attack were due to play at 1:45, according to the band.

The festival issued a statement in the early hours of the morning confirming that Massive Attack cancelled their show: “Massive Attack has just canceled its Mad Cool Festival concert, scheduled to be held at The Loop, claiming that the sound of the stage where Franze Ferdinand was playing at the same time would bother them during the performance of their show.

“The organisational team did everything possible to delay schedules of other bands and find a time slot where Massive Attack might be comfortable, but the unilateral decision of the band has been cancelling their show.

“From Mad Cool, we sincerely apologise to all attendees for the inconvenience and possible heartbreak this may have caused.”

While there’s no word from Massive Attack, Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos did respond to the news with an upset emoji on social media: