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(Credit: YouTube still)


Mass shooting at Dallas outdoor concert causes casualties


One person has been confirmed dead and 16 others have been injured after a mass shooting incident at an outdoor concert in Dallas, Texas. 

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday, April 2nd, at the Epic Easter Bike Out & Field Party rap festival where several thousand people were said to be in attendance. 

One 26-year-old victim died at the scene after his body was discovered by responders lying near the stage. A further 16 people were injured in the incident which is said to have been perpetrated by two individuals. 

According to police reports, witnesses believe that one person fired a gun into the air, perhaps to disperse the crowd, while a second fired into the crowd itself. 

The festival itself had been organised by an unauthorised group. The authorities were quick to condemn such events, calling it “a prime example that non-permitted and promoted events can lead to violence.”

Dallas Police Chief Edgardo Garcia then added: “This, of course, can happen at any event, but [with] a permit and proper promoter oversight, we can better be prepared for events and crowds, making sure events are as safe as possible and comply with our city ordinances.”

At present, the incident is still under investigation and the extent of the injuries for the other 16 victims is unknown. More news is expected in the coming days. 

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