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Mass panic breaks out at Global Citizen Festival as barrier collapses


A barrier collapsed at New York’s Global Citizen Festival festival which resulted in a mass panic as audience members created a “stampede”.

Around 60,000 inside Central Park began to rush for exits after mistaking the sound of the breaking barrier for gunshots. What ensued was a stampede as more people began to panic.

To regain order, Coldplay’s Chris Martin took to the stage alongside NYPD Assistant Chief Kathleen O’Reilly explain that a fence barrier collapsed: “What happened is a barrier, I think, fell down. Of course, it caused people to feel frightened and stuff like that. But nobody is trying to hurt anybody. You’re all safe okay?” Martin explained. “A far as I know, when you guys are all ready we can watch Janet Jackson which we all probably want to do,” he continued.

O’Reilly, following Martin, explained: “Everybody relax. Calm down. It was a barrier collapse, there were no shots fired.

“Hopefully the show is going to go on but we’re going to have to reassess the situation and create a new safety lane,” she continued.

“We’re going to have to try our best.”

Andrew Kirk, a Global Citizen spokesman, told MSNBC: “One of the barriers did collapse unfortunately, it made a noise and people of course in these times are very reactionary.

“Everything is completely fine and we’re working with the authorities and it’s very unfortunate but I do want to reassure people there is no cause to be alarmed.

“Just a barrier fell over and it made a noise and unfortunately people reacted to that and it created a ripple effect, which is completely understandable but we have to make sure people feel safe.

“We have 60,000 people here who have come tonight in the spirit of the organisation and we want to make sure that people can come back to the park now.”

Eventually, when the barrier was removed, the show was able to continue around 8pm: “Stay calm, everyone. A barrier fell at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, but the show is back on,” the event tweeted.