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Mary Harron’s ‘American Psycho’ gets a new 4K Steelbook

Lionsgate has announced a brand new 4K Ultra HD release of Mary Harron‘s classic thriller, American Psycho, starring Christian Bale and Jared Leto.

Coming exclusively to Best Buy stores, the brand new 4K Ultra HD Steelbook is a beautiful piece of movie merchandise, arriving in stores in time for Halloween on October 5th. Featuring all-new artwork from artist Justin Erickson, the exclusive Steelbook will feature brand new deleted scenes along with audio commentaries and a special look into the adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis from book to screen.

Fuelled by an excellent lead performance from the ever-impressive Christian Bale depicting Patrick Bateman, a narcissistic office worker with a vein of psychological insanity, American Psycho is a true great of ‘90s cinema. 

Disconnected from wider reality, Bateman ( Bale), a wealthy New York City investment banking executive surrounds himself with co-workers who look, act and strive toward exactly the same thing as himself. Slicked back black hair, a fitted black suit and round-rimmed glasses fits the description of nearly every employee at the investment bank, so how’s Bateman supposed to stand out?

Each striving for the same generic image of success, Bateman seemingly breaks conformity to imagine himself as a killer, not that his murderous actions are ever realised by the self-indulgent lives of those around him. Though it’s never quite clear what is fantasy and what is reality, his inflated ego and psychopathic tendencies have caused him to view life as skewed. 

It’s a fantastic, dense film, led by the enigmatic lead character who you can never quite trust, or can you? The brand-new 4K Ultra HD Steelbook of the film will be one of the very best ways to watch Mary Harron‘s classic thriller.