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Mary Anne Hobbs shares David Bowie 'Lazarus' theory on BBC 6 Music


BBC 6 Music radio presenter Mary Anne Hobbs believes she may have accidentally uncovered the true meaning behind the track ‘Lazarus’ which featured on David Bowie‘s final album Blackstar.

The highly acclaimed record, which was the recipient of five posthumous Grammy’s, saw Bowie deal with the topic of mortality with profound results. At the time of its release, fans were unaware that the was unwell and didn’t realise that the topic he was dealing with on the record was his health until he passed away a few days later in 2016. The record spawned the single ‘Lazarus’ and, in the video, Bowie is seen with a bandage wrapped across his eyes. Fans have been unable to work out the reasoning for this but, now, BBC Radio 6 Music host Hobbs has disclosed that she might have discovered why.

“I think I might have found one of the references to ‘Lazarus’ which was the last single to be released during his lifetime,” she told listeners during her mid-morning broadcast. The video for the song has often been a mystery but Hobbs has discovered the secret behind the clip.

“On Saturday I was at Tate Britain, the art gallery, they have a lovely little bookshop there, and I picked up a book by Leonora Carrington. To tell you the truth I just liked the design of the sleeve. I didn’t really know anything about her.

“I found out she was born quite close to me in Chorley, Lancs in 1916 but spent most of her life in Mexico. She was highly rebellious… and defied her father to become a surrealist painter.”

She added: “She was an author of some very strange short stories. The first story in the book is called ‘White Rabbits’ and in that story is a character who lives in a Baroque attic among lots and lots of white rabbits, he’s made out of stars, he wears a bandage over his eyes and his name is Lazarus,” Hobbs concluded. It offers some insight for Bowie fans about an iconic piece of Bowie’s career.

Check out the video for ‘Lazurus’, below.

Meanwhile, the first official trailer for the forthcoming David Bowie biopic Stardust has been shared online ahead of the imminent release of the film on November 25th. The film, which stars musician-turned-actor Johnny Flynn in the role of Bowie, will focus on Bowie’s first tour of the US in 1971 shortly before his career was sent into the stratosphere after he transformed into Ziggy Stardust. British filmmaker Gabriel Range has directed the film with Jena Malone playing the role of Bowie’s former wife, Angie, and Marc Maron playing his record company publicist.

As the film does not contain any original David Bowie songs, Flynn has instead written a song in the style of Bowie for Stardust which he told The Guardian will mean “we’re potentially going to get a lot of flak from the Bowie army.”

Adding: “I don’t think it’s crap, but I knew it didn’t have to be a brilliant song,” Flynn said of writing the track which is titled ‘Good Ol’ Jane’. “He had this sense of failure, he wanted to be someone else and hadn’t found a way of capitalising on that yet. So I tried to write this song as Bowie ripping off Lou Reed,” the actor continued.

Check out the first trailer, below.