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Marvin Gaye’s long lost 1972 album 'You’re the Man' to be released

Marvin Gaye’s long lost 1972 album You’re the Man is set to be released by Motown.

The record, which was originally billed as Gaye’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to his iconic album What’s Going On which was released in 1971 but was scrapped at the time.

Set for release on March 29th to coincide with what would have been Gaye’s 80th birthday on April 2nd, You’re the Man will include all of Gaye’s solo and non-soundtrack recordings from 1972.

Gaye originally recorded the 17 tracks while in Los Angeles but none of the songs—apart from the album title—were release and some were instead reworked for 1973 album, Renaissance.

You’re the Man Vinyl Track List

Side 1
1. “You’re The Man”
2. “The World Is Rated X”
3. “Piece of Clay”
4. “Where Are We Going?”

Side 2
1. “I’m Gonna Give You Respect”
2. “Try It, You’ll Like It”
3. “You Are That Special One”
4. “We Can Make It Baby”