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(Credit: Siebbi / Wikimedia)


Watch Martin Scorsese's new short film which was created while in lockdown


Critically acclaimed and pioneering filmmaker Martin Scorsese has been trying to keep himself busy during his self-isolated lockdown.

With millions of people forced to remain home amid strict social distancing measures, the 77-year-old director has been following government advice to stay safe. Like the rest of us, Scorsese has been involved in family Zoom calls, online socialising and more.

However, what separates Scorsese from the rest of the general public is his creative drive. Continuing to work, the director created a new short film in collaboration with the BBC which premiered on Thursday on the as part of Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard.

“What I look forward to in the future is carrying with me what I have been forced to learn in these circumstances,” Scorsese says in the film. “It is the essential. The people you love. Being able to take care of them and be with them as much as you can.”

Scorsese becomes the latest high profile figure to feature on the show after the likes of Margaret Atwood, Helen Mirren, Thompson, Emilia Clarke, Lee Daniels and more made appearances in what was described as a situation that “could be a radical creative opportunity for filmmakers.”

During his reflective period, Scorsese collects clips of classic films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man and Robert Siodmak’s The Killers while discussing his experience in a quarantined lockdown.

“Martin Scorsese makes a wonderful end to the series. We see him at home, thinking about lockdown through the lens of classic movies, like Hitchcock’s ‘The Wrong Man.’ But what’s really clever is that this great Hollywood luminary also gets us to look at Hitchcock again and afresh through the lens of our current predicament,” Beard said. “I was absolutely over the moon when he agreed to do it for us. It feels a bit like hosting a little premiere! And it all contributes to a pretty amazing finale.”

See Scorsese’s effort, below.