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Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation launches new restoration screening room

Martin Scorsese has antagonised many people in recent years by claiming that Marvel productions were doing irreparable damage to the future of cinema. Although he has received a lot of criticism for his comments, Scorsese has stayed true to his own convictions by championing independent cinema and working towards increasing visual literacy.

According to Scorsese, it is vitally important for future generations to be knowledgeable about the history of cinema and the unique artistic, technical as well as sociopolitical obstacles that pioneering films have overcome. In order to achieve that, the director’s Film Foundation has been actively looking for appropriate ways of introducing younger generations to film history.

It seems like Scorsese has finally taken a huge step towards his goal of increasing visual literacy because his foundation has launched a virtual screening room where newly restored versions of classics will be shown for free. At the start of each month, a new feature presentation will highlight a rarely seen gem in its restored format.

“We’re looking forward to making these beautiful restorations available to a wide audience,” Scorsese said. “Many of these presentations will feature restorations that are rarely seen, with myself and other filmmakers sharing why these films are important, how they have impacted our lives and why it’s crucial that they be preserved.”

This series will begin on Monday, May 9th, with a 1945 romantic drama by none other than Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger – I Know Where I’m Going! – and the film will be available during a 24-hour screening window. This will be followed by screenings of more classics such as Federico Fellini’s La Strada and John Huston’s Moulin Rouge among others.

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