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(Credit: Laura Marling)


Marling matures on ‘Wild Fire’


The second track to be taken from upcoming album Semper Femina Laura Marling’s brand new track ‘Wild Fire’ is a song which oozes charm and showcases the ever impressive songwriting ability of Marling. Her ability to make touching and heartfelt pop is dumbfounding and she is now doing so without the doe-eyed youth which propelled her headlong in to our hearts so long ago.

It might seem a whole life ago that Marling first made her way in to our mind with her coy and vulnerable sound. Shifty and awkward she was the girl next door who had a talent and never felt assured in sharing it, embarrassed at the exquisite sound of her voice or the quality of her melody. With ‘Wild Fire’ she has matured in to a first class writer but what’s most impressive is she has done so assuredly and with aplomb.

A country tinged pop tune the maestro Marling has crafted a warm and vibrant sound which feels both comfortable and engaging. There’s a subtle sexuality to the song, something Marling has said she is exploring more intently on her sixth album. The themes of gender and sexuality are entrenched in the music.

If this is what we can expect to hear from the new album then this evolution of Marling is something we should all cherish. She will be revered in times to come so you may as well be a part of the party now.