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Mark Wahlberg still owns the fake penis from ‘Boogie Nights’


If you remember that classic scene from Paul Thomas Anderson’s influential 1997 film Boogie Nights, you might be disappointed to discover that that shot of his penis is actually a prosthetic replacement. 

For fans of this scene, however, you may find some relief in the fact that Mark Wahlberg has confirmed that he still owns the prosthetic penis, telling Ellen DeGeneres that he keeps it hidden away from view. 

Speaking on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wahlberg revealed, “It’s in a safe locked away…It’s not something I could leave out. All of a sudden my kids are looking for a spare phone charger and pull that thing out and go, ‘What the heck is this?!’ It wouldn’t be a good look”. 

Director Paul Thomas Anderson has gone on to become one of the most influential filmmakers of modern cinema, though back in 1997 he was still an up and coming director and he wasn’t the only one. “The expectations were so low when I started acting,” Wahlberg explained, adding, “You do something remotely interesting, ‘Oh my god, he’s fantastic!’ Next thing you know, they nominate me for an Oscar and I didn’t even do anything”. 

Revealing just how much he put into his Boogie Nights character, the actor added, “I definitely worked harder than everybody and I wanted to make sure that I could prove to filmmakers that I was capable of doing the best job for them and I would do anything for them”. 

Paul Thomas Anderson’s second feature film was an ensemble masterpiece, where Wahlberg starred alongside the likes of Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, Heather Graham and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.