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Mark Rylance won't attend the "boring" Oscars this year

Mark Rylance has enjoyed a fascinating career in the domains of theatre as well as cinema, appearing in prominent productions such as Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies and Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Last year, Rylance nabbed a major role in one of the biggest cinematic projects of the year when he starred in Don’t Look Up.

One of the most successful Netflix projects of the year, Don’t Look Up became a cultural phenomenon due to its subject matter. An apocalyptic black comedy, Adam McKay’s film is a direct response to our societal reactions when confronted with the harsh realities of climate change as well as the media’s response to the pandemic.

While explaining the political satire of Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay elaborated on the intentions of the film: “The movie is trying to ask the question of what is going on with our media that we’re looking at the biggest story in human history scientifically speaking in the climate crisis, and yet the coverage is woeful and sporadic and downplayed.”

Don’t Look Up has also generated a lot of controversy because of the number of accolades it has won, with many insisting that the lack of subtlety in McKay’s satire should not be celebrated. However, others have insisted that the time for subtlety is long gone and that ham-fisted critiques such as Don’t Look Up are needed to get through to the masses.

When this year’s Oscar nominations were announced, Don’t Look Up nabbed four bids including Best Picture but Rylance has declared that he won’t go to the ceremony: “I don’t think awards are a serious marker of what the greatest or most inspiring things are, but it’s nice to be celebrated. I won’t be going this year. To be honest, they’re actually really boring.”

Watch the new trailer for Don’t Look Up below.