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Mark Ruffalo reveals his favourite movie of all time


Mark Ruffalo is an American actor who has had quite the varied career. Known for films like 13 Going On 30, Shutter Island, Spotlight, Zodiac, Now You See Me, and Dark Waters, he’s proven his acting range time and time again. Getting his start as a stage actor and indie drama cast member, Ruffalo has been active in Hollywood since the early 1990s. 

With such a career under his belt, it’s always interesting to hear about the tastes of performers like him. One might be able to say that he has a somewhat quirky yet still genuine sense about him throughout his roles, but still maintains a sense of versatility. All of this being said, we’re left to wonder what inspires his own creative vision.

When MTV News asked him about his favourite film, Ruffalo gave this reply, “I’d probably say On the Waterfront. It’s [Marlon] Brando at… his all-time best. It’s Elia Kazan, who is one of the all-time great directors. And it’s just the perfect mix of great storytelling, social commentary and great acting. It’s political and still relevant.”

He continued by saying, “Those themes are still happening today. It’s universal. Coming from the theatre, to tell those kind of stories in film, is what’s really exciting to me.”

On the Waterfront is a 1954 film that involves dockworking, boxing, the mafia, and murder. What more could you want out of a movie? Even with these elements, the film is also relatively exploratory and serious in tone, which is what attracted Ruffalo to the picture in the first place. Even if it isn’t a universally-remembered classic, On the Waterfront definitely maintains a classic feel, especially with the intensity and the cast in question.

The film has so many details and moving parts that are perfectly exhibited by the now-iconic director Elia Kazan. There are thrown fights, priests, and it all goes down by the Hoboken Waterfront. Plus, it’s under two hours, so you can get through the adventures of the storyline quickly enough.

It’d be interesting to learn some of Mark Ruffalo‘s other favourite movies, but if he could only choose one, this is an intriguing choice nonetheless. If you’re interested to see the film that Mark Ruffalo described as “mix of great storytelling, social commentary and great acting” you can find the trailer for On the Waterfront down below, and the full film on various streaming platforms.