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Marilyn Manson sued by former assistant for harassment, sexual assault and battery

Over the course of the last few months, we have brought you updates on the unfurling story of sexual abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson. Now it would seem that his former assistant has joined the list of women who have spoken out about his conduct and is attempting to sue the musician. 

Ashley Walters began working as an assistant for Marilyn Manson in 2010 after the singer reached out to her via social media to compliment her photographs. Walters, who is now 27, was a 26-year-old photographer at the time said she responded to his comments to “discuss a potential creative collaboration”. 

However, when Manson invited her to his West Hollywood home, Walters claims that Manson would not allow her to leave before partaking in an impromptu photoshoot for which Manson allegedly insisted that she removed her shirt. 

Following the photoshoot, the lawsuit which was filed on May 18th with the Superior Court of Los Angeles states that Manson allegedly pushed Walters onto his bed and attempted to kiss her without consent. He then continued to bite her ear and attempted to place her hand on his genitals. Walters avoided the musician’s advances and thereafter she was able to leave. 

Following the incident, Walters claim states that Manson began incessantly messaging her saying that he was excited to begin working with her creatively. He offered to double Walters salary if she took on the role of being his assistant. Her lawyer states that “she unconsciously made the decision to focus on their shared interests and ignore the traumatizing experience of being pinned to his bed.”

Over the course of her employment with the musician Walters accuses Manson of abusing his power and forcing 48-hour shifts upon her and commonly exhibiting aggressive behaviour that intimidated her. The allegations state that Manson “frequently destroyed furniture, electronics, and other fixtures in his home during fits of rage.”

The lawsuit filed also states that Manson ordered his employees to “say damaging or offensive things or wear Nazi paraphernalia while he recorded them so that he would have collateral in the event they spoke out against him. He also broke into his employees’ personal computers in hopes of finding damaging information he could use as blackmail.”

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