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Credit: rawpic

Marilyn Manson shares a cover of The Doors classic 'The End'


Metal icon Marilyn Manson has shared a startling new song today. It’s a cover of The Doors’ 1976 classic song ‘The End’. It has naturally been given a rather heavy dose of the anti-christ of rock and roll.

Produced by Shooter-Jennings, the cover from Manson is most certainly an homage to the iconic song but is given the Manson treatment as the vocalist adds a whole new array of intricacies to dive into.

Growling and guttural, Manson adds a whole new sense of dread to Jim Morrison’s poetic track. Manson’s vocals are snarling and violent while also adding a whispering, vulnerable tone.

The singer is clearly a fan though, not only because Manson doesn’t pick just any song to cover, having only recently taken on the American folk song ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’. The song must be a personal favourite of Manson’s as he was recently closing out his shows with Rob Zombie by playing the original over the PA.

The accompanying visuals brought to you by Zev Deans are derived from one of Manson’s original watercolours. Fear not, this won’t be the only way to listen to the song, available to purchase now, the track will come with a limited edition picture disc too.

Listen below to Marilyn Manson’s cover of The Doors 1967 classic ‘The End’.