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Marika Hackman shares suitably odd video for ‘My Lover Cindy’


Considering the delicate and wonderful simplicity that can be seen in Marika Hackman’s indelible pop songs, it feels a little odd to have such a suitably strange video for her hit ‘My Lover Cindy’ but that is what we have.

The clip follows two fencers (plus a tuxedoed Marika serving fizz) go between snogging and slashing each other apart, as well as some tummy-snogging. Now we won’t spoil the surprise of that one but it really is a treat. The video has been directed by Francobollo’s Sam Bailey, whom will tour with Hackman very soon.

“I love how grubby Marika’s lyrics are from a story point of view,” said Sam. ‘Rarely do we hear an account of love and lust from the one who wants the cake and to eat it. So I wanted to play with this ‘cakey eaty’ attitude between two people drawn together in a battle of status. I’ve also always loved the idea of the upper-classes up to no good so it was a lot of fun to run amok around a stately home.”

Take a look below, you won’t be disappointed.