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(Credit: Joost Vandebrug)

Marika Hackman shares the cheeky new video for her masturbation masterpiece 'Hand Solo'

The wonderful Marika Hackman has shared the new video for her masturbation masterpiece, ‘Hand Solo’. The song now has an equally tongue in cheek video to go alongside its fun and frolicking lyrics. Watch the new video below.

Although the record was co-written with her mum (she helped Marika out with lyrics after an unexpected phone call) the song is a track all about self-love and has even been described as a “wank anthem”. The singer releases the song from her album Any Human Friend with a Sam Bailey-directed video which stylishly sees hands suggestively stroking everyday objects.

It doesn’t end at just objects though as Hackman makes her further point by having hands paly with washing machines, The Pentagon, and even the Earth leaving an artistic mark with every second of footage.

Speaking to DIY about the video, Hackman said: “Despite the video being quite fun, I wanted to make a serious point at the end, after the world explodes in its orgasm, that masturbation is still for many women perceived as something shameful and embarrassing – the moment of shame after the ecstasy,”

Watch Marika Hackman’s new video for ‘Hand Solo’ below.