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Marietta’s new single is a woozy doozy of a track


The Old adage went: “French Rock and Roll is like English Wine”. But with English wine currently winning countless awards at wine shows (yes, we did wine research – what of it? Don’t believe us? Grab a bottle of Nyetimber for a perfect sparkling wine – Ha!) we thought we would show you the other side of the coin.

Marietta is proving that the adage, as old as it may be, is now wrong on both counts as his effortlessly chic and charming rock and roll ditty ‘Nos Ventres Nus’ is about as perfect a summer song as you’re likely to hear.

The artist’s switch from his English singing on first album Basement Dreams are the Bedroom Cream to the now markedly subtler French has been a revelation, proven further on this track. He now sits around the slacker-pop elite of Kurt Vile and Mac, and with it his stock rises further.

French singer Halo Maud also features on the tracks vocals but the real price winner is ex-Deerhoof member Chris Cohen’s lush and textured production. The LA man has added a pop shimmer to this otherwise crackling and woozy track, which escalates it to ‘song of the summer’ potential.