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Margot Robbie's bizarre script reading session with Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino might be preparing for his final project, but his most recent film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, remains fresh in the minds of fans who are eagerly waiting for his last goodbye. Tarantino’s revisionist interpretation of the infamous Manson murders was his attempt to weave together a fantasy chronicling the last moments of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

While the film mainly focused on the central casting and brilliant on-screen combination of Leonardo DiCaprio as a fading movie star and Brad Pitt as his loyal, charming assistant/stunt-double, Margot Robbie also featured as the reincarnation of Sharon Tate. After properly launching her career with Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, this was the next big step.

Tarantino was very confident about his decision to cast Robbie as the eight-and-a-half month pregnant Tate who was brutally and viciously stabbed to death in the original version of the events. With Tarantino’s penchant for cinematic violence, many expected him to keep that part in the film but the American auteur ended up surprising everyone with his own twist.

Robbie, it goes without saying, was also especially interested in playing the role of Sharon Tate and collaborating with Tarantino. During her own preparation for the role, Robbie watched a lot of Tate’s film performances and even declared that her work in the 1966 cult classic Eye of the Devil completely blew her mind because Tate was confident even at an early stage in her career.

According to Robbie, there was no formal script reading for her part. Instead, Tarantino invited her to his house and told her that she could read the script only once after which he would take it back. That’s exactly what she ended up doing, sitting at his kitchen bench and reading the long script for four hours while Tarantino was watching Dexter in the other room.

“It was seriously one of the most surreal moments in my life, sitting at his kitchen bench,” Robbie revealed. “There was one copy of the script and it had his writing on it. I’m such a slow reader, so I was there for like four hours ’cause it was also a really, really long.” However, the part that surprised Robbie the most didn’t have anything to do with the script.

It was actually the moment when Tarantino offered Robbie a bottle of VB (Australian beer) which she had never seen outside the country before. She was also taken aback by the fact that Tarantino was watching Dexter instead of an obscure cult classic from Italy. Robbie added: “Interactions like that with Quentin seem to happen all the time where he just says something so flippantly and you’re like, wait, what?”.

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