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(Credit: Justin Higuchi)


Watch Margo Price cover Bob Dylan song 'Things Have Changed'


American country singer Margo Price has added her own unique take on Bob Dylan song ‘Things Have Changed’.

The singer, who was appearing as part of the ‘Saturday Sessions’ feature on CBS show This morning, also ran through renditions of her song ‘Letting Me Down’ and her own B-side ‘Drifter’.

Price, who was socially distanced from her bandmates for the show, also discussed the impending release of her new album which has been hit by a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic which has caused havoc with the music industry.

For Price, however, the current COVID-19 crisis had a more personal battle as her husband, Jeremy Ivey, faced his own coronavirus fight. “He was in a worse state I’ve ever seen him in in my life,” Price said. “He got thin and frail and he was like sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day, and I was pretty terrified.”

With the delays, the musician instead decided to release the live LP Perfectly Imperfect at the Ryman in order to raise money for the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. “Take me back to the day I started trying to paint my masterpiece so I could warn myself of what was ahead,” Price said in a statement.

“Time has rearranged, it has slowed down, it has manipulated things like it always does…the words to some of these songs have changed meaning, they now carry heavier weight. I’ve seen the streets set ablaze, the sky set on fire. I’ve been manic, heartbroken for the world, heartbroken for the country, heartbroken from being heartbroken again and again.

“This album is a postcard of a landscape of a moment in time. It’s not political but maybe it will provide an escape or relief to someone who needs it. Sending love to everyone out there and hope I see you down the highway.”

For now though, see the performance on CBS below.