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Margo Guryan has died aged 84


Of all the so-called forgotten albums, with Take a Picture, Margo Guryan provided the world with one of the very best.

There is an undeniable beauty to many of these records that often proved simply a little too delicate and filigreed for the blunt force of the gaudy mainstream and slipped into the ether only to be fished out when the time was right. By all accounts, Guryan had the sweet soul to match her benevolent work that has gotten many of us through the depths of the worst hangovers on a Sunday morning, here at Far Out, we kindly salute you for that Margo.

Hailing from Far Rockaway in Queens, Guryan became a student of classical music and jazz and ended up having her songs recorded by the likes of Freda Payne, Our Gang, Harry Belafonte and other stars during the 1960s. 

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In 1968, Bell Records gave her the chance to record a solo album. The resultant Take a Picture might not have succeeded in a commercial sense owing to a lack of touring, but it soared thereafter when it was re-discovered almost three decades after its release. 

The late singer-songwriter passed away in her Los Angeles home with the news being confirmed by Damon Krukowski of the band Galaxie 500 who was friends with Guryan and her former husband. 

As of yet, no cause of death has been announced. She is survived by two grandchildren and her stepson, Jonathan Rosner who wrote: “When I was a kid, the Take a Picture album was history to me. By the time the late ’70s rolled around, it was as if it never happened.”

Adding: “She was always proud of that record, but it was in the past. Then along came those mystery royalties from Japan. Her album had been pirated, but it turns out they had to pay publishing royalties at the pressing plant.”

You can check out her album below.