Manic Street Preachers film to get limited UK cinema release

Welsh valley stalwarts Manic Street Preachers and production company WibblyWobbly have revealed that an upcoming documentary about the band will be screened in a small selection of UK cinemas.

Although the veteran trio have recently been revisiting their youth by performing the whole of their 1994 album The Holy Bible in its entirety, the new film focuses on the most recent decade of the Manics’ career.

No Manifesto features never before seen footage of James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore spanning from their 2005 UK tour, right through to the current day and last year’s release of Futurology.

It has been common knowledge for a while that the documentary would be available on DVD on February 16th, but those lucky enough to get their hands on very limited tickets will be able to catch it before that date on the big screen.

The occasion will also be marked by hidden extras and an opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with filmmakers and director Elizabeth Marcus. See below to watch the official trailer for the film.

The first chance to catch No Manifesto will be in the Manics’ homeland at Cardiff’s Chapter cinema on January 30th, followed by a screening at the Cornerhouse in Manchester the following evening.

Three more showings will then take place at London’s Prince Charles and Curzon Soho cinemas and the Broadway in Nottingham. Head to to learn more.

Patrick Davies